Donegal Town Camera Club




Welcome to Donegal Camera Club.

The aim of this club is to get like-minded individuals, to come and share and pick up knowledge.

We hope that we can help you to find the camera settings for that 'perfect shot' when we share all our tips and tricks among ourselves.

We are not a club that only focuses on DSLR cameras and the lens. If you have any digital camera or film camera (NOT the camera on your phone) and want to use it properly then come along.

We meet once a month @ 7.00pm at the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre. The date of each meeting will be posted in the news on the left.

We look forward to meeting you and in the mean time have fun trying to capture that perfect shot.

We are recoving from a server crash and we have also lost some links and other item from our site. We hope to have all back up and runing in the few days


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